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Archives - February 2020
Posted 2/21/20 12:00:00 AM by Emily Pazel

Technology today is ever-growing and reaching people both young and old, it is important to know the real threat behind dangerous people creeping among the internet looking for their next victims. Even though we now have easy and direct communication with long-distance family members and friends, the internet also allows complete strangers to lure unsuspecting children into their grasp.

On the internet, people have the advantage of being much more anonymous than in the real world, and because of this, online predators can create fake accounts and profiles to trick people into thinking they are a friend or someone they can trust. Especially for young children, bad situations can arise fast and it is good for them to have a trusting adult that they can go to for help.

As a parent, it is good to know this information to help your kids remain as safe as possible. And if you are a professional that works or sees children on a daily basis, it is also critical that you