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As young children move from the infant stage to the toddler stage and beyond, it’s important to teach them life lessons that are important for early childhood development, which not only applies to excelling in the classroom but also for fundamental things at home, such as proper hygiene. As parents and guardians, we end up doing a lot for our children, and they are constantly watching and soaking up our every move. That’s why it’s important to set good examples of proper hygiene that becomes important as they age through life.

However, as many of us know, teaching a moody toddler how to brush their teeth isn’t always a walk in the park. And bath time isn’t always the bubbly experience we see on TV commercials. While some days are just better than others when it comes to your child’s behavior, there are ways to make personal hygiene more fun and less like

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If you are a parent or work in an environment with children, it’s most likely that you have some sort of emergency plan of action in place or have thought about putting a plan in place that has to do with fire safety. Although no one ever wants to go through something so tragic like a fire accident, it’s always good to have a plan in place just in case the unthinkable happens.

Once a fire starts in a home, all it takes is around two minutes for the fire to become very life-threatening. In fact, a home or residence can become engulfed in flames within around five minutes, and all it takes is minutes for thick black smoke to fill a house. And if you think the actual fire itself is dangerous, according to, the heat can oftentimes be even more threatenin

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It may seem like your little one was just learning their first words and taking their first steps yesterday, but in reality – they have grown into thriving, free-minded teenagers who are ready to explore the world. And with that, come a lot of challenges and emotions that begin when children start to have interests in dating. Especially in today’s world, dating and using online technology seem to go hand-in-hand, so there are added stressors and challenges for parents to look out for.

When your child is handed a phone, tablet or anything that has access to the Internet, you are unlocking a whole new world to them that may need to be monitored at times. And when it’s your first child, you may find it helpful to look up resources and articles that educate you on the subject.

While there’s plenty of online chat forums or social media groups where you can seek

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Have you ever noticed that when the weather turns from sunny to cloudy and it casts a blanket of grayness over the area, your mood also tends to fluctuate along with it? On a cold or rainy day when the sun just can’t seem to pop out from behind the clouds, you might notice that you aren’t feeling your best. You might be feeling more depressed, less energetic, and maybe even just not like yourself. However, it’s not just dark, dreary days that can affect our mood – there has even been scientific research that shows that the sun and humidity can also play a factor in it. 

If you grew up in a warm, sunny environment, but then moved to an area that experiences a harsher winter with less sun throughout the year, you might start to notice that your moods fluctuate along with the seasons. If you start to feel down or maybe even depressed, there are ways to help with th

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We’ve all been there before – you’re not alone if you’ve crossed paths with a black cat before and then quickly felt doomed for the rest of the day. It’s easy to recognize symbols or instances of a superstitious activity when you are out and about, but what about at your place of work? You might have a coworker or two that needs a little extra superstition to feel better about their workspace.

But maybe you don’t understand why your coworker is tossing salt over his or her shoulder, or why they insist on having a horseshoe over the door. So, we’re here to break down a few common superstitions and learn what they mean and where they come from, so that you can better understand the person working in the cubicle next to you – after all, their luck might rub off on you.

Common Superstitions You Might Encounter

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