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Posted 11/24/20 12:00:00 AM by Emily Pazel

The Christmas tree is an iconic symbol around the world for many reasons. It’s a symbol of timeless traditions, family gatherings and most importantly, a beautifully decorated tree that lights up the holiday season. Many people don’t even think twice about setting up the tree and decorating it with brightly colored ornaments around this time of the year. But have you ever wondered what the Christmas tree represents? Where it all started? Or, maybe where most of the Christmas trees are grown?

In southwestern Pennsylvania, Indiana County is famously known as the “Christmas Tree Capital of the World.” Beginning in 1918, Christmas trees were grown as a popular farm crop, and by 1956, an estimated 700,000 trees in Indiana County were cut. Although other states may now grow more evergreen trees, Indiana County claims to be the first and still proudly holds the gra